bizzy illustrations

Individually hand coloured A6 Christmas Cards featuring two batty illustrations:
100% Organic Cotton Canvas Tote bags, size 30x30cm featuring two batty illustrations. Perfect for any batty activity, or just to pop a batty snack in!
White T Shirt with Bat Illustration Designs, in mens sizes S-2XL and Womens sizes S-2XL. These are made to order, so please email Liz with the size, style and design.  Please see the T Shirts and Mug page for more information :)
T SHIRTS - Batty Illustrations
A set of 4 amusing greetings cards, depicting bats in various scenarios. Perfect for that batty person in your life!
An Amusing A4 print of the original pencil, pen and ink illustration, which was orginally created for the Bat Conservation Trust to celebrate the anniversary of Bram Stokers Dracula. This print depicts Brandts Stoker reading his novel to an audience of enthusiast bats!
PRINT - Brandts Stoker's first read through of his new novel Batula
An amusing A4 print of an original pencil, pen and ink illustration created after collecting a grounded bat from a church.  It depicts Brown Long-eared bats wearing ear defenders whilst bell ringing practice is in progress.
PRINT - Move to the Country they said...
This A4 print of an amusing pencil, pen and ink illustration was originally created following the discovery that the Brazilian Free-tailed Bat is in fact the fastest mammal in the world, even quicker than Usain Bolt!
PRINT - Usain Bat
This A4 print is of an amusing watercolour illustration created following a National Bat Monitoring Programme survey of a roost of Soprano Pipistrelles, and depicts an adult pipistrelle giving a flight brief to juvenile pipistrelles about to go out for their first flight, wearing parachutes and flight helmets.
PRINT - Batty Flight School
This is a print on A4 paper of an original pen and ink illustration, depticting a Serotine Bat. Serotines are one of the largest species of Bat found in the United Kingdom and are one of Liz's favourite bats.
PRINT - Serotine Bat