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In December 2017 Liz was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  


During her on-going treatment she asked people to suggest topics for her to paint, to give her some focus along the difficult journey.


These gouache paintings are available to purchase as a set of 4 A5 blank greetings cards for £10.00. SOLD OUT


Daffodils - this was the first painting Liz did which represents hope


Turtles - this painting represents the frailty of life and vulnerability of all things living on this planet


Badgers and Mole - this painting was done following a very bad reaction to chemo, and represents coming from a dark place into the light and finding life carries on


Dandelions - this painting was done at the end of the first 3 cycles of chemo, and represents life, birth and new life


10% from the sale proceeds will be donated to a leading UK Cancer Charity


If you would like to purchase a set of these cards, please visit the Bizzy Shop

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Finding the Light

New Life

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Wildlife Cards